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I'll just leave this here. Yes, again about Bruce and Selina :)

(sorry for my English)

For a start - a little story of their relationship, which I myself "glued" and guided by it in my drawings.

As a teenager, Selina mastered martial arts, gymnastics and honed the skills of theft. On the love front she was all muffled because of childhood trauma that left a distaste for men. She relied only on herself and planned to spend her life alone, without seeing anything wrong with that. At this age, she first saw Batman. But in an example from him she took only suit idea and the style. After that, she worked for several years with small robberies, which did not attract the attention of Batman. But still, over time they met. Selina knew that Batman as a man constantly was on the words of single women, therefore she had the wrong impression of him, which was based on the stories. When she met him face to face, she saw a completely different person - gloomy, taciturn and almost frigid man. After this meeting, there were other, their relationship gradually evolved. A few years later Bruce finally realized that he was in love. And the reason for hiding identity has evolved from mistrust, to the fears directed to her safety. He knew that his work is very dangerous and have a close relationship - means endanger his beloved. For this reason, he tried several times to break the relationship but nothing worked. After a time, they still met and all renewed. In addition, he was familiar with her as Bruce Wayne.

And the last time when they became close, he no longer had the strength to see her suffering and took off his mask. This solution is strengthened by the fact that by that time most of the villains were dead or incapacitated. After a few years (Selina is about 30 years old, Bruce - 36-40), their relationship has finally entrenched. With many adventures behind them, they start to think about the common future. Change of activities in life, about moving to another city and even about the children. But also understand that this needs to be worked.

My drawings describes the period - a few years before Bruce took off his mask and a few years after that. I plan to touch on other periods of their life too.



And also, some more aspects that I follow by drawing pictures of them.

- First of all, what attracted me to Selina on the Arkham City version? Cold-blooded and prudent, calm, intelligent, has a sense of humor. Sure, she looks great, but the world is full of beautiful girls, but in the sum with the above qualities - no.

- But, nevertheless, strongly holds me another thought - that she appreciates the moral values. Plus, she's a woman of Batman and not cheating on him. I'm not the one who refers to his woman as his property. But for me, a woman who sleeps with many men is not interesting. Moreover - very painful for me to see the treason, even if it does not happen to me, but with other couples.

- I read her biography of different comics - in some she was a prostitute in the past, in some - not. I stick to latter. Prostitute - it's just the bottom of society, which can only that trade their ass for pennies. This is a woman with no self-esteem, without the concept of moral values ​​and with no brains. Cat is not like that.

- As Bruce as well Selina have troubled past and both grew up alone. Can you imagine how great would be their joy when they opened their hearts to each other and understands that they is very similar and did it for a reason.

- Of all the interpretations I like Arkham City (Asylum) and Nolan's films.

- What do you know about green eyes? This is the rarest eye color. Often, people with green eyes are very gentle and take seriously to love and relationships. They choose their beloved once for life. Therefore I always correspond to this fact and draw only green Selina's eyes.

- On account of the Bruce - my view is not much different from the basic interpretations. But I also spend a parallel with the witcher Geralt of Sapkowski's books. Intelligent, wise, knows a lot, callous and gloomy, but appreciates all good things. Unvincible in the melee. They are very similar.

- Why I do not read comics? There are somewhat reasons, I think. If I started to read them before, when I was a teenager, maybe I would be interested in them. The only thing that would attract me now - it's a beautiful relationship Selina and Bruce. But the relationship there ragged, and almost "for one night" (of the ones that I've read and the ones that advised me). Their romance is often breaks some nonsense. But start a new one with the other characters - it easily. And I hate to look at it. For clarity, I will say - if I take such comics as a basis, then I lost interest of this pair. And I don't want that. The word "love" is meaningless, if you call them any display of passion. And if it's really love, then it would entail important decisions and actions, and will last at least for a long time.

- By painting my drawings about love and different cute moments, I did not forget about their "rest" of life. About that Bruce cruel guardian of justice, often mutilates people and in total, a very dangerous man. As well as Selina, respectively - a professional in her "job", fluent in melee combat, and also has sharp claws, which can easily cut the carotid artery. In total - fearless and dangerous woman.


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Your gallery is AMAZING!! I love love love your Batman and Catwoman fanarts :love: They are so gorgeous!
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