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October 10, 2012
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''All depends on me...'' by Antimad1 ''All depends on me...'' by Antimad1
In all my previous arts I pictured them in the time when between them already was no uncertainty, disagreement and secrets. But it was not always so... In my head came up this moment. As far as I can imagine - this is the last meeting before the one in which he took off his mask in front of her.

Prehistory (sorry for my english...):
(На русском [link])

Again, I found her. Just flew listened talks Police and saw her. I didn't approach. Probably because I didn't know what to say... There she is, sitting on the edge of roof of a nearby building. The city below, living nightlife, illuminated her. I myself was in the shade, on the roof of another building. And it looks like she didn't notice me. Looked down, swinging their legs and resting her hands on the edge.
It was so calming... just to see her. Now even that was enough to not think about anything. About... about what at all not want to think. Selina. Muse of my soul... Tranquility. What feeling she causes me... thereby giving inspiration. Selina... My Selina...
A deep breath, looked down. Again realizing that all depends on me... She is more responsive and kind person than I am. More than once I've seen it... But I also want to be a such with her. I want to be kinder... softer. And she one with which I can be so. All depends on me...
Again looking up at her... and... I may be wrong, or she really sad. What was she thinking?
She leaned her head down, then crawled on to the wall of elevator booth, in the shade. With the naked eye I could not see her, therefore turned on night vision. So I could see her. She sat, folded her knees near body and... head bowed down, hugging her knees, hid face. What about her? When she turned her head to the side, I looked closer. She... crying? I was confused for a moment ... Absolutely didn't expect this. Why is she crying? What happened? What should I do?.. Just fly away, as if I didn't see anything? No... Need go up to her. But what to say? I don't know... you just have to step up and...
Opened cloak, dived a few meters, after a few seconds was on her roof. That's right - she didn't see me and was surprised my appearance.
- What?.. Who... You? What do you want?
She immediately got up and started to wipe tears from her cheeks. Not very successful attempt to hide Breaking voice, but not necessary. I saw it all. And in any case, all would have been seen...
- Selina... Did something happen?
- Nothing happened, fly away. Now is not the best time to talk...
I was standing for a while, just looking at her. Stood pondering a new thought, which struck had just. Not the best time to talk? What conversation? About us? I did recently often raise this subject. What if... it's because of me? What if all this time she... thought of me and now crying because of this?.. This can be explained. But... It is better to talk about it with her. And even better...
She had her back to me. Came up and held out hand to her, touched. She immediately dusted off it, and without turning, she went to the edge of the roof - herself wanted to leave. I standing still and thought, should I follow her? But it has lost all meaning, since she stopped. I realized that I need to walk up again. Moved toward her, but halfway through she turned and went back. Cupped her hands, gently held her close. Sensual soul. I always knew that she has sensuous soul... Held her close and tried to comfort, to warm their warmth, on which... perhaps is still capable. Raising his head and looking at the black sky, caught thoughts, flying at a speed of light in my mind. If, because of me, so she really feels something to me. She trusted me in feelings... She was crying in my arms, and yet, I don't know exactly why... Still, crying... Hurt her, something hurt her... I can only guess what...
After a long few minutes, she fell silent. A minute standing nearby, pulled away from the embrace and walked away, wiping his face. If I wanted to ask, better do it now.
- Selina ... can I ask a question?
- ... Everything is fine with me, my friends are safe, no one is threatening them... To me too...
- Then why?
- ... This is... - Staring down at the cars running on the roads. Took a deep breath... - Because of one man. That bedevils my heart and probably does not know about it.
I knew, about whom it... But decided to make sure.
- Tell me, who is it? I can talk to him.
- Ha... - She stood again at the edge of the roof and looked blank stare already towards one of the buildings, with her back to me. - You are smart, detective. But it is very explicit test.
Now everything is clear.
Approached from behind. Put hands on her elbows and leaned toward her. Words... Need to say something. I cann't just walk away... Not now.
- I guessed... My heart shrinks in sadness, seeing your tears... You are very dear to me. But... I want to save from the worst... I'm sorry. I... really appreciate you. And only therefore conceal.
A few minutes of silence, I just stood there for her. Even through the fabric of the two suits, felt the warmth of her body...
- I... I don't know why, but... I believe you.
So want that her face not soaking in tears, and smiled smiling happily... This wish... should hold on to it, in order to be myself. How can it be called a weakness? And it was one of the motives that guided me to not give oneself up her... feelings that are as old as passed from the date our first meeting... But this is not a weakness. What weaknesses will facilitate the desire to do good? Give inspiration to be better... I can with accuracy myself to say that it is not veil of recently enamored. I... love her for years. This is not a folly, this is a state... The state of my soul. My life... Interferes only a mask. The damn mask, which I swore to myself not remove it to anyone. Few people know who is hiding under this face. Under the face of a man in full which I am not... Few people can see it. And she is - one of the few. Why not show her? Do not force to rush in search of answers and take the fight of desires to stay or to leave?.. All for the same reason... What if when I take off my mask, I involuntarily shared with her the danger that exposed I?.. But... I don't know what is best and what is right... If I knew the right answer... Maybe just take off the mask right now and put an end with this uncertainty?.. In another life, I would without hesitation took and would not let go of her for anything. But now...
- ... I want to be alone now...
My dear... I understand... Probably worth more thought. Once again, at parting, leaned my head against her temple... Went, jumped off the roof, threw open cloak and flew to another district.
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